AtlanticRMS offers a wide variety of domestic and cross-border risk management services, including:

Due Diligence

Our reach extends across a range of asset classes and jurisdictions. We are recognised internationally as the leading provider of Field Examinations and Diligence programmes.

Pre Lending Review

We perform examinations and testing regimes to establish that the collateral and procedures secure the proposed advance. A key element of this review is an in depth understanding of the business, its customers and modus operandi. Often conducted under time critical conditions, we provide a fully independent assessment of the collateral liquidity, financial performance and business conditions.

Special Circumstances Review

This has been designed to respond to risks to the business and its collateral. We work in time critical circumstances and provide bespoke reporting and recommendations.

Cross Border Field Examinations

Our team has many years of experience working across the continents, which involves handling differences in culture and customs, language and legal environments. We have an in depth understanding of the complexities that arise in financing assets in multi jurisdictions.

Collectability Reviews

Understanding the value of the collateral is imperative and such clarity is essential in making good lending decisions. We enable the lender to understand the true value of assets. This process includes collateral verification and validation.

Asset Based Lending Reviews

We are recognised as one of the leading practices in this space and provide in depth reviews and analysis across multiple Industries Assets and countries.

Lender Finance Reviews (Back to Back)

We review facilities offered to all types of commercial finance providers, including Factors, Discounters, Equipment Financiers, Leasing Companies and Asset Based Lenders. This review considers Portfolio and Management, Collateral Performance, Systems and Procedures and Risk and Operations.

Workouts and Recoveries

We deal with distressed, complex and sensitive Client Management situations in time-critical conditions.

On Site Sales Ledger Management

We provide Management and Control where the collateral is created and administered.

Constant Monitoring

We supervise and review critical information in relation to collateral, liquidity and financial conditions with ongoing status reports and collateral assessments.

Data Recovery

We retrieve vital data, reconstruct and reconcile critical accounting information.

Debt Recovery Projects

We undertake Debt Projects in time critical situations, deploying robust and effective credit control and collection techniques towards maximising sales ledger recovery values.

Receivables validation and verification

Rapid response to adverse collateral conditions undertaken at the clients’ premises or remotely.

Lender Finance Services

In response to Portfolio Challenges, Port Folio Growth, Operational and Systems Development and External Events. We bring experience and knowledge of working within Financial Organisations to deliver Best in Class Business Improvement. This is highly sensitive and requires the highest level of skill and discretion.

Portfolio Management and Recovery

In response to Internal and External events towards protecting loaned assets and controlling Risk.

Strategy and Policy

Planning, development, diversification, policies and goals.

Systems and Procedures

Identification, evaluation, implementation of operating infrastructure and processes.


We provide in-house bespoke training courses. These courses are tailored to each client’s specific requirements and topics can include:

  • Client Management
  • Diligence and Audit
  • International Trade
  • Deal Structuring and Financial Analysis
  • Asset Based Lending Techniques
  • Managing Risk
  • Recovery and Workouts

Our Offices


Our elegant London office space provides direct access to Euston Station concourse.


Our Chicago office is perfectly situated in the heart of the city.

Hong Kong

We have key partnerships and affiliates based in Hong Kong.